Development and Engineering

As an over-all supplier with development and engineering know-how, the Musashi Hann. Muenden Holding GmbH stands at hand for its customers at an early stage, giving support with the engineering of competitive high quality components at a reasonable price. Thus our profound manufacturing technology contributes to component developments of our customers.

In development and engineering stages for various forming operations we design the appropriate forming processes (manufacturing phases) and the required forming tools.

Due to the specific determination and combination of forming processes component elements obtain a geometric dependent fibre structure, which leads to an improvement of component characteristics (e.g. solidity, wear and tear characteristics).

The determination of process stages is supported by state-of-the-art 2D and 3D FEM simulation technology.

A 3D CAD system is available for the purpose of creating models and drawings. Furthermore, with an adequate CAM system the input of data for models takes place directly at the processing machines for tool marking.

For the purpose of guaranteeing a smooth exchange of drawing data between our customers all conventional drawing formats and 3D model data can be created and processed. Thus an economic and effective cooperation of individual engineering stages can be taken under consideration.